Weak Players, Strong Players, Push Your Style To crush the Pot

Weak Players, Strong Players, Push Your Style To crush the Pot

Too many poker players focus on their own cards and their own strategies instead of how the other player is playing. Sure, you are still able to steal a pot from your tight-passive poker opponent after he has pushed you out of the pot with a big raise ( steal a pot is putting your opponent in the position to make a raise and you re-raise him in order to stop him from acting first) but you have to be a lot more cautious about it. In this instance you do not know if your opponent is weak or strong and so cannot call for a raise as he may already have a good hand.

More often than not in a low limit game you can push your opponent around and steal the blinds with 4-3 offsuit on the cheap. However, against a tight and aggressive player you may not have a hand yet and so you should be more weary. Their stability can make it quite profitable to steal the blinds from them, but watch out for getting kicked in the gut after they recover from getting a big hand.

You can push your opponent around and steal the blinds with 4-3 offsuit. If you have a tight and passive poker player at the table you can raise him even with offsuit and if you hit a big hand, you will probably get paid off more than usual. After all if you think you can push one person around then why not try to do the same thing with two or more people. Don’t worry about getting them all in, grab their blinds! After you steal the blinds you really shouldn’t be doing anything else, except getting the money in with better hands – unless you are into slow playing.

This is a scheme I used to win quite often in home games. It is also quite a ineffective scheme in the long run. At the beginning you have a big stack and try to keep it. When you are a big stack, do whatever you need to get as much into the pot as possible. No need to push people around, steal the blinds, increase the size of the pot, etc. When you are a short stack, push everyone around, especially the small stacks. You want them to call you and play back, which means when you hit a big hand, there will be less and less people who can call you because they will be afraid.

There are a lot of games you can play, most of them you can win money in quite an easy fashion. However, not all of them you can win money in a short time. Home games aren’t the worst place to play poker. I like to have around $300 available for the beginning of a home game. Everyone is happy (the afapoker is happy because he gets a break when the player goes in the money), until that point in the home game when the money is in the pot. Then, they start losing, and before you know it, everyone is gone except for you and the dealer.

Home games are the best way to teach you the theory behind poker. Just set yourself the goal of eventually being able to play for $1,000 during your free time. Once you get that point, write out a plan of how to win $1,000 and stick to it. While you are in the process of training yourself, read books by the pros and take advantage of poker training videos you find on the internet.