Vitalzu Poker - Rise to Power in the World of Online Poker

Vitalzu Poker – Rise to Power in the World of Online Poker

Vitalzu is one of the most outstanding names in the world of online poker. He has won five of the world’s most important poker awards such as the magazine’s “ottest newcomer” and “Breakthrough newcomer”. Normally rarely finding their way to the media, poker experts quickly recognized the potential of Vitalzu.

Initially started in 2010 as a small poker site, Vitalzu attracted a significant amount of attention from the online poker market. Since then their poker tournaments have become a firm favourite at many of the world’s best poker rooms.

Prophecies about Vitalzu didn’t materialize. At the beginning of their existence the poker room were plagued with legal problems. In 2011 they had to shut down their website and failed to re- reopen the website. However they have since taken a very different approach and instead invest their profits in on line poker tournaments.

Imagine there is on line poker tournament available in the UK. In the UK there are only a handful of poker rooms that offer Omaha Hi Lo. In some years they have invested millions of pounds into developing their business and in the same time created a new approach to the marketing of the poker room. This was done to help ensure that they can attract a great number of players to the poker room.

One of the strategies that they used was to add a wildcard feature to their website. Whenever somebody used their credit card to deposit funds they would get a bonus code that they could use to get a bonus worth a certain amount. This bonus could be equal to 7 or 8 times the amount of the bonus that they got in credit. In effect it was like a “Free money” because of the bonus code.

After the poker rooms knew about this new development, they tried to block it by putting together a special kind of poker software which made it impossible for players to use their credit cards to play on line poker. This kind of software, however, did not really catch on and it is difficult to believe that less than fair play would still be prevalent.

It is very interesting to note that a company can successfully run a poker room and attract players using a very different marketing strategy than you would expect to see. It also demonstrates that there are no frontiers when it comes to marketing and any business can work around an innovative and different strategy. Something that you might consider to implement when you are planning a poker room:

Create a marketing strategy that is very different to how you would have done it if you had come up with your marketing plan separately.

While you were developing your pokerace99 room marketing strategy, have an ongoing plan of how you are going to contact your potential players. Probably the best way to do this is on the chat room, naturally. It is good to be able to ask players straight out to find out how they are getting on, this way you can also avoid some of the cold calls that you will get from people that you are not allowed to talk to.

Obviously, one of the most important things is to get the word out about your poker room. You will always want to give your players an incentive to come and play in your poker room. It is a great way to do this is to give them things such as free poker money, free crystal poker, credits to play with – even if you just credit a single credit you are going to get a very good rate of return on your money.

Poker rooms take a very small amount of the rake, and then they pay an equal amount to the player. Due to the amount of players that can play in a poker room, the rake varies quite a lot. Very small amounts of rake turn into a small fortune quickly, these rakebacks will really help your poker business and you can choose how you want to benefit from this.

rakeback offers are nearly always given to both new and existing players, different promotion strategies are used depending on the players’ needs, so you can find a lot of these below.