Why are the Online Poker Sites Getting So Popular

Why are the Online Poker Sites Getting So Popular?

After the introduction of the world wide web, the online gaming industry saw a drastic growth. This growth is said to be in the wake of the 2002 World Trade Organization decision in the United States that virtually forbade the importation of online gaming devices such as personal computers and Internet kiosks.

The decision followed a case filed by the Interactive Gaming Council on behalf of two popular Las Vegas casinos, namely, BetonSports and RouletteUSA. In the course of the litigation, the casinos were able to acquire essential Fifth and Sixth District Court orders that permitted them to admit players through the Internet and electronic gaming machines and to facilitate the distribution of slot machines to non-U.S. players.

The popularity of online poker sites grew after Chris Moneymaker, a relative newcomer to professional poker, won the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main event, pocketing a record- seven-figure figure that made practically millions of people world wide satellite accessible.

In the next few years, the industry grew into a massive arena with the establishment of hundreds of Internet poker rooms and their focus on expanded international customer base via the Internet and through their marketing ventures. The industry reached a new milestone last year as the largest online poker site, Party Poker, was absorbed by the giant Betfair.

With the enormous growth in online poker rooms and with the push for online betting, the industry experienced a phenomenal leap in revenue during the last decade. In 2005, the industry grew to over $1 billion in annual revenue.

There are a number of reasons for the tremendous growth in the online poker industry. One of the reasons is the strong influence of the United States in the online poker industry. The combination of a United States based gambling regulatory framework and a highly popular and traditional card game such as poker has provided a basis for the success of online poker, making it a convergence of traditional poker with online gambling that has proved to be highly successful.

Another reason for the success of online poker is the industry’s general acceptance of functionality of the game. Unlike other traditional casino games, poker has managed to date to remain uncontested in the traditional casino halls and casinos. This is due to the legitimacy of the online poker sites and their acceptance ofbleachand dipropodonegambling.

bleachand dipropodonegambling- assisting individuals in making bets without the use of real money games and cards. This method referred to the practice of money management by innovative professionals and was aimed to be completed in such a way to enable easy transition from amateur to professional in betting transactions.

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