How to Outsmart Casinos at Their Dirtyery - Casino Slot Machine

How to Outsmart Casinos at Their Dirtyery – Casino Slot Machine

Pikfu – Ever try to put a dollar into a slot machine to see how it spins? You put the coin in, maybe push the button a couple of times, and you observe the resulting outcome. Then you put the coin back into the machine, perhaps this time with a different denomination, and you observe the resulting outcome. Does it seem possible that you could have paid double or triple for that coin? If that double could have been of higher value than what you paid, then you stand a chance of walking away with a profit.

The concept behind casino slot machine hucksters is not based on some mystical, supernatural ability or a tip, or even something along those lines. These people are simply using common sense. They are trying to see which machines pay the most money per spin, per spin, so that they can leave the casino with the most money. That means they are going to casinos to test out the slots and see which ones pay the most. Sounds legitimate, right? The assumption is that the casino is not going to give away free money. They are in the business of making money, and if they give away free money, than business will be destroyed.

The Trick:

The trick to figuring out whether or not to play slots in a certain casino is to ask the question, “Why is this machine paying me twice as much as the other machines?” If you are trying to get the casino to give you free money, than you are going to have to play the right machine.

Ask yourself this question, and consider the answer carefully. Does it feel like a machine is paying a lot of money? Is it weigh heavy when you pull it? When you hit the spin button, does it sound like it is ready to breakdown? Does it have a colorful light inside, or is it night time, and there is no one around to see you?

A machine that seems to be paying out more than other machines could be a good machine to play. It could also be a machine that is not paying out as much as the others. The issue is that the machine is still paying out, it just isn’t giving much back in terms of a payout.

The higher paying machines are probably around, because the casino operator wants you to be able to play the slots. The money is incentive enough for them to want you to play the slots. The money that you put into the machine is called a rake, by the way. The lapak303 casino operators do not want you to realize this, but if you start to realize this, the machine may be rigged.

How to Take Advantage of This:

If you are playing in a heavily populated area such as a casino or racetrack, you may want to look for a low paying machine and play there. Years ago a lot of gamblers who frequented the casino would stand there holding their breath, hoping for a “tale” slot machine to hit. Once a machine did, they would scoop out the coins and start gambling.

Today, most machines are programmed to throw less money toward your expectation of winning. You may still hit a jackpot, but it is much less often. If you are playing in a casino, and there is a high payout, such as a Aaron’s 499 machine, the casino is going to noticed a lot of people playing the same machine. With each spin, the casino hopes the ball will land into the center of the machine, Jordan Mortgage warning bells will surely go off, and the players will be asked to leave.

The popular belief among players is that the bigger the payout percentage, the better the machine is. True, but this belief is based on pure luck. If you hit a jackpot often, and you bet the same amount for each spin, you will over time, accumiliate the jackpot. In a sense, the casino is your friend if you play the slots the right way. The money you spend to hit the jackpot is just the cost of the entertainment, or entertainment for some of the people who leave the casino with less than you spent.

If you want to play the slots the right way, you should look for a single pay line, 2 payout slots. The first thing to look for are the positive payout symbols. These symbols are circled on the pay table, and have the most positive payout you can get. The double positive symbols are the ones you want to look for, they are circled twice. The most common machine to find these is the scout symbol. The scout symbol stands for where you want to bet. It will help you to choose the machine to bet on, so you can wager the maximum amount of coins per spin. At the same time, this soldier symbol helps you to protect the big win, as a win is protected behind a small payback chip.