How Do You Avoid Combinations That Will Never Win the Lottery

How Do You Avoid Combinations That Will Never Win the Lottery

This is actually one of my most fascinating articles. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and it finally dawned on me once I’ve understood how it really works. I’ve come up with a small list of things that you can do to improve your chances of winning the lottery. Are you ready to do the same?

Avoiding combinations that won’t win – the rule of thumb is you want any possible combination of your 1 to 45 (or a set of 6 or 7 numbers) to also be spread out across the entire number field. Therefore you can either pick numbers from 1 to 45 or you can use all possible combinations for your set. If you’re asking “Why not just use all possible combinations?” the reason is a lot of combinations just don’t have enough of the right sequence of numbers for you to win. That means you have to choose, on average, slightly more than half of the winning numbers for your combination.

Resolve any combination problems – this means choosing a value for each number that you would like to have. Again this significantly increases your chances of winning. Should you really want to win the lottery you should actually be very careful and investigate every combination of numbers you can.

Ambitious – or a slightly more cynical way of stating this, but hey you can’t argue with it – if you feel that the lottery is not being fair towards you, that the system is “rigged” or that luck doesn’t really play a part in winning then go and buy a book about picking winning numbers for lottery guides or make a spreadsheet of all the losing combinations for your own spreadsheet.

There are large numbers of proven systems that will reveal the exact what and how you should go about picking winning lotto numbers. The tips revealed in this article should help you to avoid the pitfalls and finally learn how to win the lotto properly.

Pick numbers that Odds On – When picking number combinations, make sure that you consider choosing a selection with the least and highest odds. Generally speaking the combination of three even numbers is a strong bet, and the combination of four odd numbers is a safe bet. Three even numbers and two odd numbers is a very rare occurrence, so when choosing your combination definitely go for a variation of three even numbers and two odd numbers.

Don’t Pick Up Numbers – You shouldn’t pick up any single number, or a group of numbers. This is a very bad combination and usually means that your luck is going to go down the drain. Double numbers, threeLow numbers, fourHigh numbers – forget about these.

Spread your numbers – more high numbers and you are bound to win, more low numbers and you will be sharing the pot with a lot of other lotto players. Actually the opposite is true. The last thing you want to do is to join a lottery with high numbers and low numbers. The lower the numbers the better. But this is again dependent on luck, if you have a good pair of numbers you might have a better chance of winning.

The Higher The Numbers The Better – As well as everything being even, or perhaps even more interesting, the lower the numbers the better. You will have more winning tickets with lower numbers. This is a very important tip. If your numbers are between 80 – 108 you certainly have a better chance of winning with lower numbers. Aune even admits that the chance of winning a jackpot is higher for lower numbers.

However Aune advises that when you have purchased a ticket online, make sure that the numbers you choose are commonly picked out by users. This is wise because if the same numbers are commonly picked out, it means that the odds of winning are very high.

Read numbers – When reading through the print you will notice that a lot of numbers have been blurred or shaded. Do not choose those numbers. Instead choose a unique combination of numbers. Some people choose a quick pick method of selecting numbers, in which the computer selects the numbers for them.

Syndicate a Dewatogel Group – A lot of syndicate groups exist online, and if you know about this concept start playing and syndicating with other like minded people. You could be sharing lottery winnings and other prizes from your online lotto syndicate. Check out the different lottery winnings syndicate ideas, and you will in no time be talking yourself into a possible lotto syndicate structure.

Fire – If you have a winnings syndicate from your home town, a friend, work colleagues or even from that local shop, you could be sharing the money.

Worse still would be if you live somewhere that doesn’t have many lottery wins and you want to participate in a lotto syndicate with fellow citizens of that place.